Michelle Stewart

  • Director, Community Engagement Center in Homewood

Michelle is a Homewood native who has always loved serving, teaching, inspiring, and transforming the lives of those she encounters. Michelle graduated from Geneva College with a Bachelor of Science degree in Community Ministry, from Carlow University with a Master's in Education as well as her PA Instructional Certification and has earned her K-12 PA Administrative Certification through the Robert Morris Principal Preparation Program.

She has always had a deeply rooted connection to not just her community, but to also wanting to get back into her community to serve and work in hopes of being able to work alongside great stakeholders who are also invested in ensuring that Homewood is known for our rich history, phenomenal world leaders, entrepreneurs, creators/artists, and a wide range of excellence that too often goes unnoticed.

Michelle leads the Homewood Community Engagement Center in the “heart” of our community ensuring that our doors are open, we are available, and that we create mutually beneficial partnerships resulting in greater opportunities for our community families and stakeholders.  Michelle is looking to continue in her passion and love for learning as well as advocating for Social and Educational change, by pursuing her EdD in Education Policy and Social Change.