Kirk Holbrook

  • Director, Community Engagement Center (CEC) in the Hill

Kirk D. Holbrook joined CGR in 2018 as the Director of  Pitt's Community Engagement Center in the Hill District.

In his role as Center Director, he is charged with facilitating relationships between the community and the University. The role is collaborative, seeking to connect with people across diverse landscapes to develop mutually beneficial community initiatives.

Kirk has served inner-city communities in non-profit, grassroots organizing, and governmental roles across Allegheny county since 2001. Having worked in out of school time educational settings for over a decade, his expertise lies in innovative youth programs and curriculum development.

Mr. Holbrook's work focuses on educational policy and advocacy. He currently serves on the Pittsburgh Public Schools' Equity Advisory Panel as appointed by the Superintendent and was named Next Generation Up and coming leader by Incline Magazine in 2019.