Commitment in Oakland

The University of Pittsburgh has called Oakland home for more than a century. We are committed to being good neighbors who contribute to our community’s shared success. ECA and the Community Affairs team work hard to ensure Pitt aligns the needs of a vibrant campus with enhanced quality of life in the neighborhoods that surround us.

Participation in Community Meetings

Each month, community affairs staff attend the series of neighborhood meetings throughout Oakland. This is an opportunity for community members to have direct access to University staff, ask questions, and receive updates about the institution. ECA staff then share any concerns or ideas with institutional leaders to ensure that community voice is included in the planning and development of initiatives. ECA partners with representatives from Student Conduct, Off Campus Living, Pitt Police, and student government board in order to ensure effective coordination.

Be A Good Neighbor

Through Pitt’s Be a Good Neighbor initiative we are educating, encouraging, and engaging our students on being positive and active participants in the community. Pitt’s Community Ambassadors walk Oakland neighborhoods, engaging with peers and neighbors, providing resources, and recruiting volunteers to clean up and help out. Through signature days of service and regularly scheduled events, Pitt students, faculty, and staff work together on projects to beautify and enhance the community. Neighborhood block parties hosted every fall - featuring food, games, and activities - bring together students and community members to build stronger relationships. A network of collaborators, including the Office of Engagement and Community Affairs, The Division of Student Affairs, and Pitt Police, works to ensure that:

  • Pitt is responsive to neighbor feedback,
  • Encourages good relationships between our student body and long-term neighbors,
  • Reduces trash and litter,
  • Engages students on the rights and responsibilities of off-campus living,
  • Works with neighborhood associations to pilot new projects, and
  • Provides opportunities for students to be leaders in this work.

Public Service and Volunteerism

Volunteer service is one of the many ways University of Pittsburgh students, faculty, staff, and alumni engage with the people and communities of Pittsburgh. Every volunteer is unique and every act of service is special. What unites us is a shared commitment to realizing a world where everyone thrives. So we’re asking: What does it take for children and communities to thrive?

Learn more about Volunteerism and Public Service at Pitt and how you can make a difference in your neighborhood.

Community Response and Connection

The community affairs team is a reliable point of community response and connection. We are present and accessible in the civic life of Oakland and the region, listening and addressing challenges to maintain (and grow) meaningful relationships. We’re striving to be more transparent, accountable and accessible to our communities. We’re dedicated to working with our neighbors to give them a greater voice in how Pitt works to benefit communities. And we want to do even more.

Building trust and doing meaningful work takes tenacity and time. By leading with others we believe Pitt will be the partner of choice for inclusive progress and well-being for all the various communities that call Pittsburgh home. Email for a knowledgeable point of connection. 

Pitt's Institutional Master Plan

The Institutional Master Plan (IMP) provides details related to City of Pittsburgh regulations, including building height and mass, parking, urban design and neighborhood compatibility. Throughout the development process, community input has been sought to produce a final document. ECA coordinates ongoing project development processes with neighborhood stakeholders and local government entities.

Community Sponsorships and Partnerships

Pitt is proud to partner with local organizations to support programming such as: ECA and Off Campus Living led neighborhood clean ups, Oakwatch Code Enforcement Project, Oakland Business Improvement District initiatives, and community days.