Neighborhood Commitments


Everything we do in the Office of Community Engagement and Affairs (ECA) ultimately has a single purpose: to make it easier for communities, public leaders, faculty, staff, and students to forge meaningful and more effective collaborations.

We’re here to provide the answer to “How do we...?” Whether you need a champion, guide, facilitator, or resource wrangler, start with us. We connect regional economic growth and planning to opportunity at the local level.

We also lead, coordinate and maximize Pitt’s expansive commitments in Oakland, the Hill District, Hazelwood, and Homewood.

Homewood and the Hill District Neighborhood Commitment: Community Engagement Centers

The University's Community Engagement Centers (CECs) ground Pitt's Neighborhood Commitments in the heart of the community. Acting as a front-door to Pitt, the CECs offer a vibrant and welcoming space to foster collaboration and house services, programs, and staff dedicated to the neighborhood. Based in the Pittsburgh neighborhoods of Homewood and the Hill District, the CECs do not duplicate the programs and services already found in the community. Instead, the activities and programs offered through the CEC are designed to complement and enhance what is already available.

Greater Hazelwood Neighborhood Commitment

Pitt has been a collaborator in the Greater Hazelwood community for 25 years and is a powerhouse in the life sciences. The next phase of Pitt’s community commitment will support community-led efforts to identify educational and economic benefits for the people of Greater Hazelwood in the emerging life sciences industry.

Oakland Neighborhood Commitment

The University is proud to be part of the Oakland neighborhood and is committed to being a valuable partner. ECA leads and a facilitates a series of institutional level commitments as part of an effort to increase community access to Pitt programs and facility resources while enhancing Pitt's support of the community's agenda.

Neighborhood Education Programs

The Neighborhood Education Programs offer learning support and enrichment to elementary and middle school aged students in Pitt’s Neighborhood Commitment communities. Discover their impact.