Office of Engagement & Community Affairs

Helping Children and Communities Thrive

What does it take for children and communities to thrive?

What we’re learning with communities:

  • Racial justice, equity, & inclusion are fundamental
  • Beautiful, healthy environments make a difference
  • Caring families & relationships matter T
  • hriving kids have strong minds & bodies
  • Vibrant communities sustain thriving
  • Every child needs fun & happiness
  • Positive self-worth gives meaning and purpose
  • Safety is a pre-requisite

What we’re learning from research:

  • Economic stability keeps people on a steady path
  • Access to quality education has lasting impacts
  • Access to quality healthcare is critical
  • Neighborhoods & environments affect health and well-being
  • Social and community contexts can reduce negative impacts

What we’re doing about it:

  • Supporting local K-12 education
  • Meeting people’s basic needs
  • Working to achieve health equity
  • Bolstering civic participation
  • Closing gaps in digital access & equity
  • Advancing economic opportunity

How we’re doing it.

We’re mobilizing Pitt to realize a community where every child thrives.

  • Shared values based on anti-racism, accountability, and humility
  • Shared strengths that match Pitt resources with community assets
  • Shared leadership through relationships, respect, and reciprocity
  • Shared action that builds capacity and expands access

When we align our efforts, small steps add up to transformative change.

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