Announcing Pitt's Carnegie Community Engagement Classification

Dear Members of the University Community:

As many of you know, the University of Pittsburgh works in close collaboration with hundreds of community partners across our five campuses, throughout the greater Pittsburgh area, and around the world. Community engagement is an institutional priority and an integral part of the University’s mission.

Throughout our long history of community engagement, Pitt has worked diligently to build valuable university-community relationships that allow us to be of service to the broader community. In fact, Strengthening Communities is one of the six goals of our strategic plan, The Plan for Pitt 2025, and a vital aspect of the future of this institution.

In recognition of our commitment to service, we are pleased to announce that the Carnegie Foundation has awarded the University of Pittsburgh the Carnegie Community Engagement Classification.

This elective designation acknowledges the University’s responsible use of resources and the mutually beneficial exchange of knowledge across our institution and throughout the larger community.

For many years, Pitt has sought to obtain this honor. This designation speaks to our university-wide commitment to strengthening communities, transforming lives and to truly making a difference.

The Carnegie Classification for Community Engagement is the nation’s most visible and selective validation of community engagement within higher education. After an intense and rigorous application process, the University is now one of only 359 U.S. colleges and universities to hold this prestigious distinction.

A special thank you to the team responsible for aggregating the extensive information needed to complete the application for this classification. It was a tremendous effort and we are proud to serve alongside those who are truly committed to telling the Pitt story.

And finally, thank you and congratulations to the faculty, staff, and student body who are doing this worthy work. This honor is only possible because of your remarkable commitment to the University and the community at large. To discover more about the impact of our engagement efforts, please visit our newly launched Community website.

We also invite you to celebrate those engaged in this important institutional achievement by joining us at this year’s Community Engaged Scholarship Forum on March 3, 2020, at the William Pitt Union.

Hail to Pitt!

Kathy W. Humphrey
Senior Vice Chancellor for Engagement and Secretary of the Board of Trustees

Ann E. Cudd
Provost and Senior Vice Chancellor